Do what you love,




xc country skiing,
downhill skiing,
gardening (or shovelling),
breathing...and more

Change your relationship with your body, injury, tension, and pain

Learn how your movement can create ease, space and strength and in doing so change the emotional stress that comes with injuries, and chronic pain


Privates (or semi-privates) are perfect for you if you:

are unsure if you are ready for a class,

have injuries that you are concerned about,

want to learn more about how to change your relationship with your body/injury/tension/pain,

are ready to learn how your specific movement patterns are holding you back,

want faster results,

want to learn how to move well doing what you love (hockey, walking, golf, life, badminton, biking)

Nature Connect Yoga

Yoga is so much more than physical movement. How and what we feel when moving (or being still), what and how we choose to connect – it all matters.  Moving well draws from a place of depth, stillness, and connection.

Nature Connect Yoga is perfect for you if you want to:

delve into your inner nature,

learn how to have connection arise naturally (without forcing it),

come more in contact with peace, beauty and fulfilment.

Classes, Workshops, Retreats

Moving well is so much more than learning what to move, it’s how we move that makes the difference.

My classes aren’t just about stretching; they’re a way to gain insight, stability, strength, ease, breath, and balance in your body (in a tangible way, that is specific to you and your movement patterns).

Many classes put the pose ahead of the function of your body, I do the opposite. Learn how therapeutic movement coupled with yogic techniques can enhance your ability to move well.


  • helped me become a more balanced individual (Deanna Berrington)
    "Working with Natalie has produced significant and (to me!) surprising results; her knowledge of anatomy and understanding of the interwoven working of the body has helped me to pinpoint areas of difficulty and compensation in my body and daily life, and her patient use of movement has helped me become a more balanced individual, both mentally and physically, literally and figuratively. I can't tell you how many people commented how much taller I looked, even after only 2 sessions; which is nothing to how much better I feel. "
  • many subtle yet profound movements that have made a huge difference in my life ( Gayle Dougall)
    "After having taken a number of sessions of restorative yoga with Natalie I was invited to see her for Therapeutic Yoga and am I ever glad! I was unsure of what therapeutic yoga was, and because my yoga practice only consisted of beginner and restorative yoga I was unsure if I would be a suitable candidate. After Natalie explained what therapeutic yoga was, I was immediately interested and intrigued. The practice not only gave me better mobility, but a much better understanding of how my body works and moves and ways to ease through every day movements as well as chronic pain from rheumatoid disease & degenerative disks. Who knew that a person has so many layers? Natalie gently and thoroughly worked thru these layers and taught me how to understand them and “be with” these layers until the next layer evolved. I learned many subtle yet profound movements that have made a huge difference in my life. She was gentle and extremely understanding in all aspects ....not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually. The combination of her knowledge, compassion and understanding made therapeutic yoga a great experience and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their life."
  • I am comfortable walking about without a cane. ( Loreen Jacobs)
    "I found Natalie shortly after beginning to walk again after 16 weeks with my foot up on pillows and getting about with a wheelchair. My foot surgery had finally healed but I was very weak and had terrible balance. Natalie helped me with various exercises and stretches and my body awareness, balance and strength improved. I wish I had been able to have more sessions with Natalie, but my husband and I left for Arizona in late October. The one thing I have kept doing is being aware of opening my rib cage when I breathe while settling down to sleep. Here in AZ I have joined a "Core strength and balance" class for seniors and I am comfortable walking about without a cane. I am grateful to Natalie for setting me down the right path!"
  • created a safe space to dial back and uncover the a-ha moments with laughter ( Rhonda Allen)
    "I am a breast cancer survivor since 2006. Numerous surgeries, procedures, medications, and treatment plans changed how I moved and responded to my daily routine, even at the most basic level. My basic instinct was to breathe, but when I came up for air, I needed guidance to help me move forward. That's when I found Natalie. 
Understanding my altered body was a struggle. My compromised movements created unhealthy, protective habits, making chronic pain more engrained. Not having the awareness or words to describe my condition made it all the more frustrating. Working with Natalie one-on-one created a safe space to dial back and uncover the a-ha moments with laughter. With her patient guidance, I could be vulnerable and learn how to sit and walk with ease. This practice has lowered my blood pressure significantly, and side effects from my medications are better managed.
Despite living in a small town, informed, knowledgeable and creative professionals like Natalie are providing excellent care comparable to the best in urban centres. I feel empowered under her guidance and blessed to be mentored by her. She is my ‘breathe whisperer.’ I give permission as author of this testimonial to allow a reader to contact me directly, if requested."
  • given me more mobility and less discomfort (Barb Falkenberg)
    "Working with Natalie has enabled me to address a very old injury in an accurate manner. Consistently doing the exercises provided has given me more mobility and less discomfort."


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