Every body moves into and out of injury differently. So every one has a unique way of getting out of injury. What works for the person beside you won’t necessarily work for you – even if you have been told you have the same injury.

10 people may all have the ‘same’ injury but how the body got there will be different for every one of those 10. In a class, there’s always a compromise, we have to teach to tendencies (and that’s what we learn to do in basic teacher training). There’s no way that I – or any teacher – can give the much needed attention to every person in a class of 10-20 to make sure they actually understand and can bridge the gap of how to apply in their body and life.

So what’s a person to do?

Private sessions are designed for people with pain, injury or illness who want to cultivate relaxation, strength and ease from the inside out. The sessions will help you to decrease pain, regain functional movement and improve your wellbeing. All sessions are restorative and therapeutic focusing on rest and relaxation while gently developing strength, stability, mobility and ease.

Each session is specific to you and your lifestyle. Whether you have 15 minutes in your day or 1 hour, the programs are designed to work for you so that you can experience success while getting out of pain.

Most privates are in my cozy home studio. To book an appointment contact me:

natalie (at) invermereyoga (dot) com

(two five zero) 342-1198

A session is 55 minutes.

A single private is $70/session, if you purchase (and schedule) 5 or more sessions at once then it’s $50/session. That’s $100 in savings.

I accept money transfer, cash, or cheque. Please make sure that you have payment with you at the session.

Want a private in your own home?

No problem! I can travel to you, there is an extra fee associated with this (to cover set- up, travel time, gas).

I have a 48 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy for any private sessions.



If you do your program, I can guarantee that you will see the progress of more ease and less pain, and increased stability or function. 

I can’t guarantee that within 5 sessions that you will have no pain in a specific injury and be cured forever. It’s all about baby steps. I do guarantee that you will have a better understanding of how your movement patterns affect your pain and how to change that.

If you feel that after the five sessions, that I haven’t helped you increase your ease and decrease your pain (if you’ve done your program) and see no benefit, then I will refund your money. I will ask questions though – I want to know how I can better help the next person, and learn from the situation.