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All right all you nature lovers, it’s back by popular demand!

The Spontaneous Outdoor Summer Yoga Program (SOSYP) is back on this year.

What is the SOSYP?

Well, that’s a mighty great question.

First let me tell you why I started SOSYP 10 years ago. I love being outside – love isn’t the right word, it’s more in line with, being in nature allows me to set down the craziness and be present with what is real in this moment – it’s an easy way to just be and be fulfilled, no struggle just connection.

My personal yoga is mainly practiced outside, I teach a Yoga With Nature course – and honestly who wants to be inside when it’s stunning outside.

My practice is infinitely more fulfilling when it’s being freed from a studio and is out in the wilds. If you want to nerd out on, I did a Ph.d. thesis on how Yoga was originally practiced in relationship with nature – ask me about, I’ll talk your ear off.

SOSYP is just that – a series of spontaneous yoga classes that happen outside during the summer. We do it in the rain, under the moon, in the forest, on ‘beaches’, in the wetlands, on docks…etc.

How does it work?

When I’m feeling inspired, I will send an email to the newsletter and put it on Facebook where/when the class will be. I try to give 3 days notices, and we go to various natural(ish) locations in the valley.

If you have a location you’d love to practice with, let me know. I request that everyone who attends be mindful of the area and we are respectful in our interactions.

The practice is asana (movement) based but I blend it with my training in applied eco-psychology (that’s a fancy smancy way of saying nature connection makes humans healthy).

How do I find out about it?

Another great question – WOW – you are just full of them today!
There are three ways:

  1. join the newsletter
  2. follow InvermereYoga on facebook 
  3. Ask me when you see me on the street

What’s the cost?

All SOSYP (asana) are offered as a Pay What You Can.  I’ll put a jar out at the end of the class and you put what you feel the class is worth (and what you feel you can afford) into it. No questions asked.

Trades are taken – raspberries, kale, eggs, services (massage, etc). Not sure, just ask me.

What I love about Pay What You Can is that it offers another way of thinking of the exchange. If you are short this time, no worries; if you feel you’ve got room to pay more, great!

Once people get over the newness of this way of exchanging, they find it invigorating and freeing.

What do I bring?

  • Bring a mat or towel, if you like (often people choose to be in direct contact with Earth),
  • Hat
  • water
  • blanket (or sweater for end relaxation)
  • eye pillow (if you like for end relaxation)
  • appropriate clothes (that’s right, I’m there even if it rains – which is SO invigorating and lovely)
  • senses of humour and curiosity
  • a friend(s)

How do I sign up?

It’s super casual and is drop-in, but I ask that you drop me a line to let me know that you are coming – if no one responds to say they are coming, then I might follow my nose to another location – or sleep in.

How often does it happen?

There is no set schedule – it’s when I feel inspired. Just a note: I find it inspiring when people attend, ask when the next session will be, love nature, and the weather is delicious!

What level do I need to be at? Can I be a beginner?

Whether you’re stretchy or not stretchy – know what a downward dog is, or that’s a foreign language; if you love nature and movement, then come join us. To me, the practice isn’t about the pretzel or the pose – it’s about the awareness, the connection, the breath, and the community. If you are still unsure just drop me a line – I always teach to who shows up.

What if I have a group of people that would love to do it?

I do do private sessions on decks, docks, patios, under the moonlight, in the rain, beaches, forests, hikes. I’m up for it all.

The great thing about privates is that you get to choose a time that works for you, and if you have a favourite spot you’d love to yoga with.

Other stuff to know:

Join in at your own risk – we’ll be going to different locations, I like to keep them easy to get too but they won’t be all manicured, so you are responsible for yourself.

I teach to whoever shows up, classes will be gentle flow for the most part; no experience required.

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