I’m active too…and Therapeutic Movement helps me keep doing what I love. I play hockey (not well, but that’s not the point), hike, bike, walk, garden, bellydance, and more. Which means that’s a lot of movement and if I’m not moving well, it hurts. I’ve had soccer, climbing, hockey, dance, and – gasp – yoga asana injuries. Yes one can get an injury from repetitive motion movements in yoga postures if not done with pieces and parts not working in harmony. (These injuries are insidious, not always apparent in the moment, but feel more like an achiness the day after).

I used to (as in, pain for 10 years – but no longer) have a really achy SI Joint and hips – not so much anymore (unless I do something stupid).

I’ve been teaching Yoga in the Valley for over 17 years, right here in Invy. I’ve taught at retreats in Lake Louise, had regular classes for years and have moved in the past two years into doing mainly privates. Why, you might ask? Because that’s where I see the real changes that actually make a difference – there’s a deeper understanding of what works for your body in a private session. Yoga was originally – thousands of years ago – taught in private one-on-one scenarios.

The reality is that two people in a class may have what seems to be the same injury, but their bodies will have a different reason or way that they got into that injury. In Therapeutic Movement, we work to unravel or unkink in the most organic way possible aka: MORE EASE.