Here’s what you need to know before you register:


1) You need to have space in your life for this course – about 2 hours a week (ish) ,

2) This course is so much more than doing a sequence of asana in Nature, this is about deepening your connection with nature and yourself using yogic techniques (pranayama, meditation, contemplation..etc),

3) There are two chapters on asana – they are free-ing, a wild yoga asana; where we work from the inside out in the asana instead of the other way around. I will not be telling you how to choreograph your yoga,

4) The connections in this course are beautiful because people show up fully. Working online offers a space of reflection and sincerity that some find intimidating in person. We nurture and honour that by being as clear and sincere as we can via text (tones can’t be read),

5) It is more than a courtesy for the group for you post on time. Timely follow through is a mandatory part of creating a healthy community.
That being said, life does happen (kids get sick, tires go flat, work gets nuts)! So, if you know you are going to be away for a chapter – post it ahead of time. If it’s a surprise life curve-ball, communicate on the day of posting that you will be late (obvious exclusions are family emergencies). It’s a great exercise in creating healthy tribes and communities.



$347 for the Yoga With Nature AND the Pre-Course

This course runs for 17 weeks – that’s $20.50/week

(16 activities, and one week of final responses) and starts when we have 5 participants.

Payment plans are available. Payments can be made via paypal.

Want to try it out before committing to the full course?

Try out the foundations of the course. We don’t get into the yogic techniques in the Pre-course, as it just sets the foundations of Nature Connecting. Nature Connecting has a unique set of skills that are integral to Yoga With Nature.

In this course you will learn:

*How to ask for permission and use that as a way to stay safe in Nature and within yourself,

*To explore more than your 5 senses (there are over 50 senses),

* How thoughts and stories can stop us from being present,

*Ways to work with attraction based interactions (not the same as Law of Attraction),

* And more.

$97 for the 5 week Pre-Course – that’s less than $20/week ¬†Payment can be made via paypal or if you are in Canada a money transfer.

If you decide to continue on with the course, the $97 will be reflected in the payment for the rest of the course.

More information about the course

5 ways that highlight that Yoga was originally practiced in connection with Nature and why…

To register or for more information:

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