Calling all Nature Loving Yogis

Do you love nature?                 Do you love Yoga?

Are you willing to expand your experience of Yoga beyond Asana?

Are you ready to deepen your connection with yourself and with Nature?


Although getting an amazing stretch is wonderful, Yoga is SO MUCH MORE than the physical practice. It is a practice of going within and connecting with your inner nature; it’s a practice of contemplation, insight, discovery, and awareness.

What you will learn in the Yoga WITH Nature course:

  • The basics of Applied Eco-psychology (that’s just a fancy pants way of saying activities that help connect with nature) and why that will make your connection to yourself and nature more fulfilling

  • Why Nature is an integral part of Yoganaturehead

  • How to turn Yogic Theories (connection with breath, the witness/present aspects, feeling of deep peace and connection) into experiences not just concepts

  • How to use Nature Connection to help to calm thought, be more present and increase inner peace.

  • How to use your senses as a communication with yourself and nature and why ‘withdrawing’ senses is really connecting with a deeper sense of connection

  • and more

That gorgeous sunset or peaceful river bed isn’t just a pretty backdrop for a yoga practice, it can be the core of a practice. Building a practice with and within nature can be the heart and insight into a lasting and fulfilling practice and lifestyle.  There’s a reason that monks would seek out a cave isolated from everyday society to find ‘enlightenment’.


Nature Connect Yoga bridges Applied Eco-psychology and Yoga.  Using nature connect exercises we will explore some of the more traditional aspects of the 8 limbs of yoga (ex: pratyahara, pranayama), to discover how Nature and Yoga are not only a great compliment to each other but are really reflections of each other.

As John Muir stated: “I stayed out all day and  discovered that going out was really going in.”


In Nature Connect Yoga we work with discovering what Yoga truly is for you (not what magazines picture it as), withdrawal of the overstimulation of senses, breath, contemplation, awareness, focus/meditation, and how to work with the physical postures in a nature based attractive way.

a5e0ab260274c04f0981f9ea804b4379This course is compatible with whatever style of asana practice you currently have,  from restorative to ashtanga.  We will work through some of the stories that the industry and mass media have put on Yoga and get back to the heart of Yoga (connection), naturally.

This is the first of two courses in the Nature Connect Yoga certification. The second course is in the process of being written, along with the details of the certification process, and will cover yamas, niyamas, integration and how to teach Nature Connect Yoga.



The foundations (or pre-course) will set up the basic understanding nature based interactions that you need to take the next step.

In this 6 week course you will learn:

  • what Applied Eco-psychology is

  • to define yoga for yourself (yoga is not asana, although asana can be part of yoga)

  • how to communicate with nature, yourself, and others in an attraction based model (this is not the same as the law of attraction work)

  • how to use your senses as a means of communication and what that means

  • a sensual way to be even more present in the moment (there are over 50 senses)

and more…

This course sets the stage for what will be a more in-depth journey in the Yoga With Nature course.

The foundations course is a condensed version of The Web of Life Imperative (The Orientation Course/Eco500) from Project Nature Connect. I have taken the techniques from Applied Eco-psychology (i.e.: Nature Connect) and bridged the language between Yoga and Nature Connect work.

Meet The Instructor


Course Facilitator

Hello!  My name is Natalie Forrest – I know, a great last name for someone who loves nature.

I have been practicing yoga for 17 years and teaching for 16 years, involved with Applied Eco-psychology for about 11 years.

I came to yoga as a person seeking stability and understanding of myself.  This was just before it became really popular and there were only two of in the class.  From the moment I took my first class I was hooked and loved it. Yes, the stretching was great but it was all the other aspects that I adored – the insight, the contemplation, the techniques to focus my mind and be more present, the ability to access breath when I needed to. Yoga was an immediate fit for me. Yoga just made sense to me, it fit me, I didn’t have to fit it.

After years of teaching regular classes I began to feel that I wasn’t quite getting across what it was that I loved so much about yoga. You see, my home practice was almost always outside, but I had to teach indoors.  I eventually started offering a Spontaneous Outdoor Summer Yoga Program, where I would have a list of people who had signed themselves up and I would email them three or four days in advance and we would meet at all these beautiful locations in my town and practice yoga. I would blend in applied eco-psychology as best I could, and it was great. I offered Applied- Eco-psychology and Yoga at a few retreats, which was fabulous. But I started to yearn to teach what I practiced in my own practice, to really get into the heart of what I loved about both of these and how they are very compatible if one comes from the heart.

More Information about NatureConnect Yoga

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Testimonials from Past Participants

Course Prerequisites

You must have Eco 500/Orientation from Project Nature Connect (or taken the pre-course) and have been practicing Yoga for at least a year.  If you are new to Applied Eco-psychology there is a pre-course you can take to get a few foundations. The pre-course must be taken prior to starting the course. If you are intending on going for certification with PNC you need to complete the Eco500/Orientation Course.

If you are new to yoga and are interested in taking the course, please email me and tell me why you would like to take the course.

This is not accredited for yoga certification, yet. It is my intention to work towards having this been a yoga certification. You will be able to apply it to the 20 hours of home study.

For those who are working towards certification in Applied Eco-psychology, this course counts for 3 Credits. Although not currently available,  a certification in Nature Connect Yoga (through PNC) is in the works.

Courses are regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. CEU’s and individual course academic credits are available through Portland State University for an additional $60.00 per credit. For more information on accrediation click here.

To register or for more information

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Yoga With Nature Course